Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Imation Online Backup Services–discontinued

Due to economic situations, and being late in marketing coupled with a lack of vision, this service has been discontinued. Please continue for historic reasons. Thanks. – 10/7/2013

Pleased to announce wide availability of the application I have been working on since late 2010. Its official name is Imation Online Backup. Basically it is a cloud based data backup and restore service with a few differentiators than the rest.

Working closely with the development team, my role has been in the deployment pipeline touching various technologies from the front-end to the back-end, including anything in the middle. It has been a great learning experience all the way from payment configuration to setting up of the back-end servers and I am glad to be part of it. We are now shipping, although more work remains which is exciting yet challenging.


What does it do?

Two things. First, it backs up your personal data with strong encryption and compression to the “cloud” (aka “a bunch of servers residing some where in some data center(s)”. Then it restores your data when you need it, in case of disaster, such lost off hard drive, accidental data deletion, corruption, etc. Pretty simple.  You go to a portal, create an account in a few steps, download the desktop client, install, login with your credentials and configure a backup dataset collection that is important to you. Finally hit “Back up” and schedule at your convenience. Then “Restore” as needed.

Why Imation Online Backup?

With the increased focus on data security, protection and availability, we offer a few differentiators and more to come.

The Imation Online backup comprises a front-end desktop client runs on your desktop and/or servers while communicating with a multi-node distributed back-end hosted in our data centers. A few high-lights and differentiators of this solution:

  • Even though initial backups can take some time, your restores are very fast using a patented technology based on local cache/shadow copy services
  • By design, your data is stored at least on two physical nodes giving you extra redundancy where it takes extra configurations with other solutions
  • Uses a block-level encryption and compression thus your data is safe and stored effectively
  • Unlimited versioning of your files and databases with incremental backups which occur very fast and minimum overhead
  • Download your files via any supported browser without having the need for the desktop client
  • Support for SQL Server and Exchange servers
  • Customized user portal for management of your devices and data, including notifications, scheduling and billing

As we are adding new features, wider device & OS support, we are excited to have new subscribers and getting their feedback. And it is nice to be shipping again. Give this a shot and let me know what you think. Happy Holidays!